Having headshots taken for your business or profession is one of the first steps in breaking down the boundaries between the customer and you.  There's different types available to suit your brand and there's no rules so if you're an organic farmer in countryside it would be silly to have the same type of photo as solicitor in the city.  Here's a few to give you an idea. 

High Key Corporate Head Shots-14.jpg

High Key Headshots

By far the most popular choice, suitable for formal businesses, call centres and professionals, the classic white background headshot is timeless, clean, works great on a web page or in an email signature and is perfect for small or large numbers of staff.

Natural light headshots-5.jpg

Natural Light Headshots

When you only have a few staff and want a quick solution that doesnt involve setting up a studio, using available natural light is the perfect option.  All we need is a clean background in the office and some good window light.